Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ang Ganda ng Sagada

Every sweat is worth it, and sweat I surely did! (and not because of hot weather.)

Sagada is known for its unique hanging coffins. Our guide explained that they construct the coffins and then lay down the remains after. The elders still expect to be laid that way, though the younger generation knows better than to follow this tradition. You'd barely see this with the naked eye (or else I really have very bad eyesight, which I most probably do.) and so it's advisable to bring with you binoculars.

Soon enough, with much excitement, we head to Sumaging Cave with our guide. (Cost Php800, and Php 1100 for cave connection wherein you go in one cave and go out another.) 

Down and down we went, focusing on not slipping to our deaths (have yet to happen and how would it feel if I were the first right?) and on not accidentally immersing our hands in bat dung.

Soon enough, we were tired. Well, I was.

Yup "Porn Cave" is another name Sumaging Cave goes by. :)

I borrowed our precious light!

We came from up there!

One test whether you're fat or not.

Spelunking truly is challenging, but fun!

Spelunking can really be scary especially for people like me (read: scaredy cat) but it's something everyone really should experience once in their lifetime. It can be taxing on the body (especially the cave connection), if I can manage though, I'm sure you can too! :)

We stayed in the best place in Sagada which is the Rock Inn. http://www.rockfarmsagada.com/  The rooms are big and clean with bathrooms.


I've always wanted to have a bonfire and I finally got to experience it in Rock Inn's backyard!

We woke up early to catch the sunrise at the Kiltepan Viewpoint. It actually is a private property owned by the same family as Rock Farm but they open it to tourists for free. 

We went back to Rock Inn for yummy breakfast of everything fresh. 

After loading up on energy, we headed for our 3-hour trek down the rice terraces to Bomod-Ok Falls or the Big Falls. 

The trek was truly killer to the knee (I have specifically week knees.) but it was worth it. Just remember to stop once in a while to enjoy the view.

On the way back to Baguio, we stopped by this town with restaurants full of  fresh meat!

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