Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Capones, Intiendes?

After getting awestruck by Anawangin the day before (that day), we didn't really expect to be amazed once again. Looking at it from afar, it's not so inspiring as well. We were therefore once again caught off guard as we disembark from our boat (Php 800 for 3-4 pax). 

Another big WOW! This is even better if that's possible. I guess it is. This is a lot less frequented by tourists that there's little trash littered about. It's just glorious white sand drying itself under the warm morning sun. 

The time that we were by the beach, there was only one other group making it feel private. The waters are a lot more calm than in Anawangin making it ideal for swimming. And of course, it's a lot more ideal for picture taking!

Once we each had like 500 photos, we moved on heading towards an opening to a path we had no idea where it lead.

Enviously fearless Argel climbs up the hill just to have his picture taken. :D

Our setting soon changed into this field of wild grassland. Should anyone even ask? Of course, we took lots of pictures along the way!

Soon the path ends at the other side of the island. It's another beach! but it looks totally different. It has rock formations that just aroused from them a need to take fierce pictures!

Ever patient Saul taking Sailor's fierce pictures.
I'm not posting those pictures for fear of excessive drooling from readers.:D

Argel's turn while Monster looks on. 
This is how some pictures were taken-excessive effort!

There I was, wishing I need not leave this piece of heaven on earth. One would have no trouble finding peace with the sound of waves splashing on the rocks, with the wind gently blowing and the sun warming your skin. Unless, you have crazy friends with you like I did! :)

Soon, it was almost noon and the boatman started to nag us about going back or else the waves would be too big and strong. We couldn't resist climbing some more rocks to take a lot more pictures "Lost" style.

It was really a great island to visit, that Capones. Part of it is that a lot less people visit it or stay there to spend the night. I just hope they'd be able to maintain the "virgin island" look and not get it polluted as Anawangin has partly become. 

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