Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Walang Kilig sa Camalig

Filipinos call Pampanga the local France just because Kapampangans are known for their delish cooking. This is the reason why I have such a long list of restaurants to try there. 

After watching the hot-air balloons take off, I chose to try out the Historic Camalig Restaurant which is also in Angeles, Pampanga right beside Nepo Market. It would have been hard to find because there's no sign along the street, one needs to go inside the parking lot first before seeing the name. Thankfully, we got directions from their website and didn't have a hard time going there. 

I saw this on the menu and decided to give it a shot. It's called the Camalamig. It's one (small) glass of buko pandan, one of sago't gulaman and one of mais con hielo. It's good, especially for tourists who want to try out the local food as much as they can. The weird thing was that it was served first, so all the shaved ice melted before we got to it.

Chill with Camalamig P75.00

This Camalig Restaurant is also known as Armando's Pizza. Their specialty is quite obvious. We tried Armando's Best even though there's no smaller portion aside from the 13". I actually preferred to try two small pizzas but we gave this a shot. It's nothing special, sadly, aside from that it's heart-shaped in time for the valentine's season. We should've gone with the weird-flavored pizzas. 

Greenwich pizza like Armando's Best P476.00

I read from a blog that the spaghetti here was just great! I made sure to order one. I asked for a baked spaghetti. I was looking forward to the "Baked spaghetti smothered with rich red and white sauce" (my mind's going YUM!YUM!) but I got the normal spaghetti. It was actually good, it was just that I was expecting something a lot better.

Like a home-made Baked Spaghetti P84.00

Sisig in Pampanga where it originated from is popular. We gave the Camalig version a try. It was good compared to Manila sisig, but so-so for Kapampangan sisig.

Finally, a dish we soo loved! Fisharon or fried tilapia skin was just to die for (as in die of high blood for). It's totally worth it. I'd say Camalig is worth visiting if only to have some drinks with this as pulutan. Yup, it's that good!

Fisharon P150.00

Many might disagree but I'd say Camalig is a so-so restaurant not worth the long drive from Manila. Do drop by though, if you have much time to kill and you're in the area. I'm no connoisseur, you might find that I'm mistaken in my judgment. 

Historic Camalig Restaurant
292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City, Philippines

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