Friday, February 10, 2012

Naligaw sa Bolinao

Bolinao, Pangasinan is an hour's drive (or less) from Alaminos (that part of the trip, click here) and so we decided to stay there for the night (there are no resorts in Alaminos). It proved to be a great decision.

We stayed in the stretch of Patar Beach right beside Puerto del Sol (where it's too expensive!). We arrived just in time for the sunset. Having had some rest along the way, they were ecstatic to find a volleyball court and went on to play some beach volleyball. Being allergic to balls (of the sporty kind), I opted to take their pictures and the resort where I got lost looking for our rooms.  

One of our crazy trips, we had a "masquerade party" sponsored by Sailor. (Thanks Sailor!) 

Come morning, we woke up at each person's time. I woke up around 6.30 am to find some still asleep while Arg and Sailor were by the beach painting. 

Soon enough, everybody was up and we went kayaking! (my first time!) It was part of the Php 9,600.00 (non-peak season rate for 2 rooms accommodating 5pax each) that we paid: an hour's free use of the kayak. There were only three kayaks so we took turns, which was just right since they got tired rowing after the first round. We raced thru the river and we (Arg and I) lost by mere inches! BOO!!

Later that morning, we visited the Enchanted Cave. It's the perfect swimming spot for people who loves to swim but doesn't want to get dark (sunscreen doesn't really do the job.-_-). The water isn't salty nor is it stale- in short, perfect!

Back in the resort, they took the chance to have a photo op with some props we brought with us while the others got ready to leave. :)

On the way home, we quickly stopped by the Bolinao Lighthouse for some more picture taking. :) We went in and up the lighthouse but the upper tier of the tower was locked. :(

We had a flat tire somewhere still far from Manila. (and we were running late for our -well, my- curfew.)  No worries, we still had the energy to grab the opportunity for a gas station photo session while we wait for the tire to be changed. :)

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