Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy in Delhi

We saved the capital for the last leg of our India trip.

We arrived aboard a Shatabdi train. This is also the train I rode to Agra and it simply is the best. 1. It almost always uses Platform 1 meaning, there's no carrying your heavy baggage up and down the stairs. 2. They serve food (nothing special though) and water. 3. They also give you newspapers. 4. It is a lot cleaner than the other train we rode. 5. They have the premium time schedule. For booking your trips, use It's the only (right) way to do it! 

Something really weird happened when we arrived in Delhi. I booked the same hotel through agoda (Hotel Grand Godwin) but I stayed in two different hotels. Apparently, I stayed in the better hotel back when I first arrived in India which is Godwin Deluxe Hotel. This time, we stayed in a hotel which is just... worse. 

This time around, we booked a car through the hotel for Rs 1000.00. I think it's reasonable enough given that each spot is far from the other.
I have noticed by now that every major tourist site in India has the same ticket design and cost Rs 250 save for some. I have also observed that they are big on their resting places.

As much as I want to claim these pictures of the Akshardham Temple are my shots, they're not. I just got them from the official website since I felt like crying walking around such beauty and yet I couldn't take a picture. 

Everyone must definitely visit this place! It's free for all anyway. (Save for bombers, of course!)

Bombers, please please please don't attempt to ruin this piece of Nirvana!

Visiting Ghandi's final resting place was for free. We, therefore decided to pay our respects to the great man.

Temple security is as usual thorough due to bombings in the past. We were asked to deposit all our stuff, including our slippers, to a locker before going in. They are welcoming to tourists though. 

We visited Qutb Minar the morning of our flight out of India since it is near the airport. It's the last Rs 250 that we got. (Thank heavens for credit cards!)

This is the last part of our India tour but wait for the stories behind it! 
(Yup, there's more! There must be. All these seemed sane, didn't it?)

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