Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Isang Tingin sa Anawangin

We were planning a summer getaway. We love adventure. We love beaches. We love photo ops. We only have 2 days. Where else can we go but to the islands of Zambales!

On the way to Zambales, our rented van (Php 8000 for 2 days) broke down. What to do, what to do...? Take pictures along the highway! I must say, it's one of our best pictures. 

Do not copy us though. Your eyes are deceiving you. We're not in the middle of the highway, rather, we were in the middle of the shoulder lane. That, you can do. :D

To go to Anawangin, one must stop first in Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. (Unless you want to climb the mountains around it from Subic. :D We didn't book any place to stay in thinking there'd be many available but alas, we arrived by noon and the inns are all occupied. Luckily, we found Wild Rose Inn +639106615613/:  which had a room for 10 available. We quickly booked it and paid for it (Php 2500) after a little charmed haggling by Saul (the master). We dropped our things off and quickly proceeded to negotiating next with boatmen. Soon enough, we were aboard two boats at Php 800 each. 

We arrive in Anawangin after a few minutes' boat ride. (or maybe we were just excited and didn't notice the 30 minute ride which was exceptionally slow in the small boat.) WOW! It's just breathtaking with the white sand and the pine trees. After a long stare.. oh.. It's not so gorgeous anymore once you notice all the ashes and trash mixed with the white sand. It's sad how people really do not care about the beauty they see. But we drove so far away from Manila, we're not going to let anything kill the FUN! 

Wouldn't you instantly recognize this one-of-a-kind scenery?

We are lovers of the cold desserts that we quickly bought ice drops from the vendor going around the island. Typically, it would cost Php 10 but since the vendor did travel a long way, it became Php 30 a piece. -_-
Just great to eat cold ice drop under the hot sun.
Baby crab inside a plastic bottle. (not ours)

We saw this group of people trying to go up the mountain... futilely. We did attempt to follow their example. But we did cross the warm river. Walking through, we stepped on algae and some other stuff we didn't want to guess correctly. The first attempt, we were crossing in a deeper part of the river. Scared that we'd be immersing ourselves into waist-deep suspicious water, we chose to look for another area with shallower water. 

Fearless Argel just cut through the river. Inspired by a cutie on the otherside?

The view was simply mesmerizing. You'd just fall in love with the distinguished sight. We wanted to just stay and take lots of pictures. 

Saul in the middle of the river.

Across the river is a forest where campers usually get their wood. It is not advised to go deep into it though. We explored the area and took lots of pictures once again. Camwhores, my friends are! (We counted who had the most pictures and Argel won by landslide followed by Sailor.)

Sailor, Meh, Saul and Arg entangled in their own love story.

We got back late afternoon when the waves were THIS BIG, no kidding. Instead of slowly approaching the shore, the boatman sped up and hit the sand hard. (making me slide off my sit literally! I kind of expected it but I didn't think he'd really do it!)

Pundaquit (nor Anawangin) are really friendly to swimmers. I was wiped out without even being on a surfboard! But what makes Anawangin really great is that it changes scenery. It's a beach, it's a river and it's a forest. You won't get bored, and even your pictures won't bore you. :) 

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