Wednesday, February 29, 2012

D' Persian House is THE House

One lazy sunday night, we decided to have some Persian food which I fool myself to be "diet food". 

Nearby is D' Persian House where we've eaten before. We thought it was great but then we were badly hungry then and might've been unfit to judge.

They have a mini store right inside the restaurant!

They sell Starbucks and Ben&Jerry ice cream!

They sell a wide array of imported goods such as figs, dates, baclava, Duracel batteries, soaps and whatever they could offer for a cheaper price I guess.

The restaurant has cozy lounge chairs where we lie back when we get soo full. :) Food took a bit of a long time to arrive so I went to the window showing the kitchen and took a picture of our food grilling! Yum! 

Finally, our food arrives and we dig in! Before I realized it, the kebab platter (chicken, liver, lamb, tenderloin, and.. pork?!) was half finished! It's a lot more worth it at Php 995 rather than ordering the per stick entrees ranging from Php 200 -350. It's a little bit dry but what kebab isn't? Besides, that's what the unlimited supply of yogurt dip is for!

Yummy Kebab Platter P995.00

We also tried the gemeh with beef, fries and eggplants. At first try, I didn't like it but it turned out to be because the sauces were at the bottom. Then, it was yummy!
Gemeh P195.00

We should've probably tried the shawarma, after all, it must be the staple food of the Persians... but there weren't really any space anymore. :D

D' Persian House
2F Gateway Center Building, Paseo de Magallanes, 
Magallanes Village, Makati
(above Golden Spoon, as in go in the store and up the stairs)

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