Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mabuhay, Mabuhay Palace

Back in December, I went mental and bought so many vouchers from Groupon, Metrodeal and Deal Grocer. I must say, I've learned my lesson: it's not worth it to buy those. I've discovered that the best deals are those that cost x amount for y amount. Melo's offered this kind of discount and it was great. Whereas deals that offer x amount for a set of dishes are totally not worth it. One example is this last meal I bought for Manila Hotel's Mabuhay Palace. For Php 970 per person, we were served a good meal in small servings. 

Here's the menu that made our stomachs growl with anticipation. While waiting, we were given (unlimited) wanton chips drizzled with sweet honey sauce.

For appetizer, we were give one piece of hakaw, siomai and spring roll each. It lacked quantity so much that it did whet our appetite! It was good though, filled with meat, not extenders like what you'd typically find.

The one bowl of soup offered a taste a little too bland for us. It would be good to the oldies for sure though.

For the main course: first served is the honey chicken which was YUMMY! Really! It had the perfect texture of tender meat and still crispy on the outside. The taste was sweet yet not too much that it would be weird with chicken.

The rest of the course came and went. They were all so-so compared to the honey chicken and not so different to cheaper versions. 

To conclude our dinner, we were served almond jelly for dessert. We could hardly finish it. We didn't make much effort since it was your typical almond jelly you can get from anywhere.

This particular Metrodeal deal we found not worth it. The food servings were small. The good thing here is we got to try many of their dishes even though it weren't our choice which. For hotel food, the price was good. The problem is, isn't hotel food known for being too expensive for its quality? In this case, it really is.

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