Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pagnanasa sa Nagsasa Cove

Much was our desire to go to Nagsasa Cove, Zambales that we did a day trip out of the ideally overnight adventure. What happened was we had one crazy day.

After a Saturday's work, we headed to Pampanga where our friend Monster lives despite heavy downpour praying it'll stop by morning. We slept there for 3 hours. (Should've been longer but we got caught up playing King's Cup that fun game introduce by Argel.) 

Not unexpectedly, we had a hard time waking everybody up and left at 4.30 am when we planned to leave at 3.00 am. 

We travelled thru Subic Freeport, eluding a police who was going to fine us for a violation we didn't find out and turning back praying the said police won't notice it's the same car (luckily Innova's are so common!) when we found the exit we were heading was closed. We passed by Castillejos, San Marcelino and we were finally in San Antonio. Honestly, I have no idea how we found Pundaquit. I think our friend who was driving just followed the path.

In Pundaquit, we headed for Wild Rose Beach Inn (+639106615613/: and asked if we could bath there after our trip to Nagsasa Cove. We were charged Php 100/pax for the use of swimming pool as well as the shower (with changing room). Then we headed to the beach and looked for a boat. We got a medium one which could fit all of us for Php 1500. 

The weather was so bad that there were several times I felt the boat was going to capsize! But we were all so determined to go to Nagsasa Cove that time we went ahead.

Enjoying our over-priced ice drops.

Nagsasa Cove is ideal for just playing around with its fine sand (which is actually lahar.) Some of us just slept by the beach, while some were inspired to paint, while some others played frisbee (tried to play at the very best. :p). To be honest, we were content to just kill time along the beach that we didn't explore much of the area. We pitched the ancient tents since we would be charged Php 100/person anyway. 

Loud thunder rumbled nearer and nearer. The boatman was afraid we'd get stuck, so we wrapped up at 3pm and headed back to Pundaquit. It was all so cloudy and heavy rains fell. We, -okay, okay, just- I was holding on to the bamboo in front of me for what felt like dear life as we treaded thru big, big waves. This area generally has strong waves, multiply strong waves by ten, that's what we went through. I truly got to admire how well balanced a boat is, as well as the skill of the boatman getting us through what we later learned to be a storm. It truly was one heck of a ride.

It was one of our more mental trips. :)

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