Sunday, February 12, 2012

Punung Puno sa Bale Dutung

We Filipinos have been eating lechon (roasted pig) for our whole lives thinking there's two way to cook it: Kapampangan way (needs sauce) and the Cebuano way (without sauce). Unbeknownst to us (until now) there are five, well six ways to eat lechon! This means cholesterol heaven times six! :D

We left Manila hungry at 10 am. Two hours later, with the help of the map provided in their website, we finally arrive in the quaint house that is Bale Dutung famished! There were a lot of people there, we must've been the last group to arrive. 

Welcome drinks were served! Orange juice with... Muscovado sugared ice! I find it to be a bright idea and swear to do the same in the future!

What makes Bale Dutung experience so special (aside from the great food) is Mary Ann, wife of famed Claud Tayag. She is a good host, sharing with us stories about the food we were about to eat.

Say for example, she shared with us that this paco salad used to be called food for the poor. Now the paco vegetable is quite expensive, nothing the poor can afford. -_-
Paco Salad (Ensaladang Paco) YUMMY HEALTHY
Talangka Sushi Hito (It's so small I could barely savor the taste.)
Another appetizer (there were 4), Inasal na Manaok with Talangka Rice 
(Chicken was so-so, the talanka rice very GOOD in its unhealthy way!)
And we finally got to the main course(s)! 

First way is the lechon skin. Mary Ann would ask you to "give them the first bite" meaning try out the food the way they recommend first. Even though they are kapampangan, they cook it the Cebu way. Again, no picture the first time but we did take a picture of our third serving. :)


The second way is a unique one you can now get from Mercato Market during sundays at Fort. Lechon Tortilla is best eaten fresh while it's still crispy and yummy.  

The grilled lechon rib was good, though not the best of the five ways. But ensaladang talong (eggplant) was delicious! If you can't get enough, the staff are more than willing to give you a second serving. 

The sinigang na lechon was a first for me. Mary Ann tipped us that the best part is the ones with skin. They serve white rice and brown rice for you to choose from. The bagoong was said to be from fresh from Acapulco. Unfortunately, I'm not epicurean enough to differentiate this from other good bagoong. -_-

No wonder the pigs are said to be stupid, their brains are this small.

I had a small serving of sisig, since at this point I was full already. It was yummy though, and I stretched my tummy muscles a little more to accommodate one more round. :) It's best to mix some pig's brain! It's not everyday you'd be able to eat some. 

I can guess why it's named Paradiso with just one spoonful! It truly did taste like paradise! :)

Picture, picture! with the famed chef Claud Tayag and his wife, the great host, Mary Ann.


*A gasp* We finished eating at 5 pm. Imagine that: a five-hour lunch! The Php1750 (plus 10% if sunday) was truly worth it! Make sure to starve yourself before going. The more stomach space to accommodate the good food, the better! 

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  1. Greetings from the vegas of asia! Pig's brain was the best part!