Monday, February 13, 2012

Adore Corregidor

Early one sunday morning (6.30 am), we headed to Sun Cruises office (CCP Terminal A. CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard) to present our deposit slip of Php 5,997.00 for 3 pax. After confirming, we hop on their shuttle service which took us to Manila Bay (Gloria Maris Complex). We went aboard the ship and on we go to Corregidor!

During the ride, a very entertaining host took the mike. After some jokes, we were asked to ride our shuttles after arriving in the island. Interestingly, Japanese tourists are separated. As the host said, the winning party gets to write history. I guess the Japanese wouldn't like the Americans' version of the war.   

Boarding one shuttle, we got a laugh seeing some Japanese tourists trying to board a non-Japanese (so much for non-racism!) bus and got kicked off politely. 

The first part we visited was the Malinta Tunnel. It got its name because it used to be full of leeches (Linta in Filipino). I kind of felt paranoid of a leech dropping my way while inside. My imagination can go crazy at times. 

In the tunnel, we enjoyed a Lights and Sounds show (another Php150.00). 

There was a museum with this Island miniature and pictures of the war. The kids, I guess, were checking their location in the island.

The Topside and Middleside was full of canons and batteries (learned that term in CAT! The officers should be proud!) 

 There were parts where it was totally dark and we were just using the flash from my DSLR (a blinking light source) to guide us. It felt eerie along with the heavy air. Do bring flashlights! 

The ruins of barracks made beautiful subjects for photography though there wasn't really anything to explore.


We bravely went up the lighthouse trying to see the cities whose directions were pointed out. It's hopeless. We were presented by a nice perspective of the island though.

This is the Friendship Park or Pacific War Memorial. In front, you will see a man helping another man. They'd ask which one is the American and which one is the Filipino. The answer is tricky. 

In the ceiling is a hole where the sun goes through. You'd see the spot of sunshine on the floor. They say it's only once in a year that this spot of light would exactly fall on the slab of marble you see in the bottom right of the picture. On that day, they celebrate the friendship day.

This beautiful sculpture is what they call the Eternal Flame Monument. It's suppose to represent the eternal friendship between Americans and Filipinos.

Last part of the tour was the museum with interesting artifacts and photographs.

We got back to Manila tired (more due to the heat than walking) at 4.30 pm amid very (and I mean VERY) strong waves. I advise against skirts and dresses for women just in case.

This tour is definitely for history buffs like me, if you're not, well, if you have an open mind go for it anyway! The tour guides could definitely liven you up with their wisecracks making the tour bore-proof. 

Oh yeah, about the buffet for lunch? It was totally forgettable (obviously.) but I guess that is to be expected. It was definitely decent though.

P.S. In case you're thinking of bringing an umbrella, there's no need. The tour operators had thoughtfully provided umbrellas in the shuttles in case tourists need one against the sun or the rain. :)

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